15 December 2005

"Seriamente ragazzi, 'sto buffone e' pericoloso"

L'ottimo Nickie Goomba punta a questo pezzo di Mark Steyn sul pazzo di Teheran. E' difficile credere alle proprie orecchie, ma sara' meglio che lo facciamo. Un altro bel pezzo dello stesso Steyn lo trovate da Wellington. E infine ho scoperto Free thoughts: bravissima ! (Scusate se sono sketchy piu' del solito, ma tenghe da llavora'...)

UPDATE: ah, e anche questo (e il post successivo) sempre pescato grazie a Freethoughts. Sotto al quale c'e' un commento che merita riportare (lo trovate sotto), se non altro per l'inglese che ci si impara.


The excellent Nickie Goomba points tothis piece by Mark Steyn on the Teheran lunatic. You wont' believe your eyes, but we better believe them. Another nice Steyn piece is mirrored by Wellington. Finally I discovered Free thoughts: fantastic ! (I am a bit sketchy today, but gotta git on workin'.)

UPDATE: ah, and this (and the following post) picked thanks to FreeThoughts. Below which there is a comment worth reporting verbatim (see below), at least I get to practice my lousy english.

Whatever you do, make DAMNED sure the muslims can perceive themselves as victims. It's like the whole world has turned into weak, incompetent parents, continually making excuses for their children who, due to negligent upbringing, are spoiled, foulmouthed, tantrum throwing brats, guaranteed to mortify you in public. The snot-nosed bully who goes home at the end of a busy day of picking on the smaller and weaker children and lets momma cut his meat for him.

God forbid we should ask them to take responsibility for their own actions.

What really burns my ass is that this clown, haughtily pontificating(are you allowed to pontificate regarding Islam?) as he does about the criminal actions of the West, while posturing as this enlightened elite, is exposing himself for the stark raving bigot that he is because of the inference that, well, they're muslims, they can't resist being manipulated. They are somehow less capable than other people to act like civilized humans, less capable than others to think for themselves, they are just somehow less. We have to make exceptions for them, they can't do the things we do.

Now granted, that may well be true, but I've seen too many juvenile delinquents smirking over their mother's shoulder, while she explained just exactly why something WASN'T HIS FAULT. It is amazing how quickly someone can see things differently when they realize they have used up their last excuse, had their last lie believed, have run out of benefit of the doubt, had their bullsh!t called, and will from this point on be held to account, personally and singularly.

If a child knows he's riding the gravy train by playing the adults for fools, he's not going to point out the adult's errors.

Demand personal responsibility, it's just that simple.


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