25 July 2006

The Mini Me round-up

Bella intervista di Mario Sechi all'ambasciatore israeliano in Italia. Uno che deve avere i nervi ben saldi.

Da Tblog (in questi giorni certamente il migliore blogger impegnato sul fronte israeliano): soldati iraniani combattono in Libano, e qualcuno all'ONU ammette che gli Hezbollah sono dei vigliacchi che si fanno scudo dei civili (li "qualcuno" e' Egeland, che nondimeno rimane un cretino patentato). E tutto il resto, beninteso. (Altro sito updated frequentemente e' PajamasMedia.)

Per chi ha una mezz'ora: Daniel Pipes spiega perche' Israel has a war to win.

L'ufficiale italiano ferito in Libano: non granata ma arma portatile di Hezbollah. E ora vogliamo le dimissioni di Bobo Craxi.

Off-topic ambientale come ricreazione: The Daily Ablution makes fun di una catastrophe theory di Indy (no, non Indymedia: l'Independent; per quanto, la differenza...).

L'esercito siriano "in estrema allerta". Una mossa falsa, anyone ? ;)

Qui il mio post precedente sui pro-terrorist nutters ;)


Mark Steyn demolisce John Updike e ci racconta della no-state solution.

In una bella chiacchierata con Hugh Hewitt, parla di Doctor Evil a Radio Blogger: because Syria is, in fact, playing Mini Me to Iran's Dr. Evil at the moment. Stimolante ;)

Strategy ?

I think what we have to do is what the U.N. is quite good at: to delay doing anything at all until the situation has settled. That's what they do in Sudan: the U.N. Security Council talks and talks and talks until everybody's dead, and then it's not an issue anymore. That's what they did in Rwanda, that's what they're good at. But when the Israelis are involved, suddenly there's a terrible urgency about it, and we have to insert U.N. peacekeepers right now, and we have to get Condi Rice and Kofi Annan & Co. to fly in right now. That's not what we want to do. What has to come out of this is that proxy clients of Tehran are so damaged, so battered, so brutalized, so humiliated, that the price of taking Tehran's side becomes too high.

C'e' qualcuno che si kaga sotto?

[...] Europeans and the Arabs suddenly have gone very quiet, and in fact, have been supportive of Israel. The Arabs, after indulging in this post-modern fear-mongering for 60 years, that Israel is an entire threat to the region, suddenly see that there's a real threat, not a pseudo-threat to the region, that they are going to be living per force under an Iranian-dominated region. That in fact, the last 50 years will just have been a brief interlude of Arab independence between living as subjects of the Ottoman Empire, and now being subject to a kind of de facto apocalyptic Iranian Empire.

American defeatists ?

We're saying okay, we accept the fact that America is the only non-imperial superpower in history, and it simply cannot sit out its moment of history. This has happened on America's watch, and the idea that you can be a 19th Century isolationist republic is ridiculous.

E mo' vado a lavorare; buona giornata e buona lettura.

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