20 October 2006

Gaylib ?

Mi ha colpito per la serenita' e la sensatezza: A Reassessment of Gaylib, Simon Jones, www.dissidentvoice.org, 3 Novembre 2004.

Un excerpt per tutti:
It is time to state clearly that gay is neither good nor bad. It just IS. And more to the point, it is and will remain MARGINAL to society, possibly a useful evolutionary device for humanity, possibly harmful (just like anything). Yes, basic human rights belong to all. But now that gays have them, they should stop seeking self-respect from OTHERS through aping hetero traditions, and let sexuality become a personal, private matter again. There definitely is no justification for forcing overwhelmingly straight society to contemplate OUR navels publicly.

La parola nuova che ho imparato e' "to ape: imitate the behavior or manner of (someone or something), especially in an absurd or unthinking way"

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