05 December 2007

Annapolis: a non-event. Per fortuna

Da Victor Davis Hanson:

The non-news story that at Annapolis none of the Arab ministers would shake the hand of a Jewish-female Israel foreign minister Tzipi Livni should have been page one. It summarizes the Orwellian nature of the entire “peace process” and Arab disconnect with reality.

I suggest that we take a time out and try to solve instead the Cyprus problem or occupied Tibet or the territorial claims over the Kurile Islands, or compensation for the half-million Jewish refugees expelled from Arab capitals, or any of the pressing issues that could just as likely threaten world peace.

The problem of course is that the Greeks or the Jews or the Japanese or the Tibetans don’t have oil, or terrorists, or are part of a billion-person religion that manifests scary things like the spectacle in the Sudan.

E a proposito di Sudanese craziness :

Same old, same old-whether a teddy bear, a cartoon, or a papal sermon, whether in Khartoum or Islamabad.

They take offense, we understand, or rationalize, or equivocate — either out of condescension or fear of terrorism or worries over oil or multicultural guilt or all that and more.

Then the moderate Muslim spokesman is trotted out to condemn the nuttiness, but also to anguish over the media that “sensationalizes” and “inordinately” reports the latest Islamic lunacy.

We usually then get the silly Timothy McVeigh or IRA comparison, and forget the entire absurdity — until the next opera, film, or novel brings out the fist-shaking, swords, and death threats.

The only dramas seem to be our infighting over whether this reflects Islam itself, or the reaction of radical Islamists angry at the modern world — or whether at this point that really matters any longer anyway.

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