09 April 2008

L'Olanda non è ancora perduta - forse.

Da Arutz Sheva:

Dutch Court Rejects Ban on Anti-Islam Movie

A Dutch court has upheld a conservative's legislator's right to express his opinion of Islam's violent tendencies in a film that sparked a wave of Islamic rage. The Islamic Federation sought to ban the film.

The court ruled that the film, Fitna, does not incite to hatred. In rejecting the petition by the Islamic Federation to ban the film, the judge said that although Member of Parliament Geert Wilders' comments might be provocative, they did not break the law.

Concerning Wilders' comments that the Muslim prophet Mohammed was a "barbarian," the judge said the Islamic Federation was unable to disprove the fact that the Muslim religion includes non-democratic principles.

"A Member of Parliament must be able to express his standpoint, if necessary, in sharp terms," said the judge in his decision, reported AFP. "Wilders' right to freedom of expression is the deciding factor here."

Dutch television has, however, not aired the film.

Qui altri dettagli.

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