17 September 2008

Letture su National Review

On Sex-education act, McCain is right

Obama’s defenders may howl, but the bill is what it is.

Born-alive act, paralleli tra Obama e la Turco ? ;)

Culture of Life vs. the Culture of Death in a nutshell.

Iraq merce da campagna

The latest crack in the facade of Sen. Obama signals flip, naïve, self-serving approach to strategic objectives on the battlefield.

E-mail per Obama

He is a candidate who has never had to sell himself to voters who weren’t already sold. And it shows. E i presidenti non mandano e-mail.

Racial hype

the “multicultural” ideology that says all cultures are equally valid - it is hard even to know what that means, much less take it seriously as a guide to living in the real world. Thomas Sowell contro il tribalismo para-identitario.

American carol

Un film che andrò a vedere (in America dal 3 ottobre, in Italia nel 2040). Qui un bel commento.

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