19 November 2008

La luna di miele

si avvia al tramonto... Decisamente.

14 November 2008

Avessero eletto un leghista...

Villari, neoeletto presidente della vigilanza RAI: "prendo atto dell'esito della votazione perché credo di avere il dovere di rispettare i presidenti delle Camere e il presidente della Repubblica come rappresentante delle istituzioni".

Beh, vorrei vedere...

Camillo: In un paese normale le decisioni del Parlamento non vengono ribaltate dai diktat di partito. [...] "l'atto da regime", al contrario di quello che dice W, è la scelta privata del PD di non rispettare il voto del Parlamento, e chiedere a un membro dello stesso PD di dimettersi. Appunto, l'Italia non è mica un paese normale.

12 November 2008

Sedici mesi


Dopo essersi montato l'aerosol da solo, pezzo per pezzo -fino alla maschera che era nella scatola che ha chiesto di "apire"- ora se lo mette pure sul viso. E respira.

We blew it

None of this is the fault of the left. After the events of the 20th century--national socialism, international socialism, inter-species socialism from Earth First--anyone who is still on the left is obviously insane and not responsible for his or her actions. No, we on the right did it.

Una autocritica.

10 November 2008

Carri armati subito

Corriere news: Blocco totale del trasporto aereo da subito. Lo ha deciso l'assemblea dei lavoratori dell'Aloathalia approvando una proposta dal comitato di lotta. I sindacati stanno valutando i contenuti della mozione delle sigle del fronte del no (Anpac, Up, Avia, Anpav, Sdl). [...] "finirà quando avremo deciso che ci sono le condizioni per farla finire: quando saranno rispettati i principi di solidarietà, democrazia e di diritto al lavoro".

Solo del loro, però. No, seriamente: mandategli contro i carri armati.

Cronache del culto

Per carità, "he was my opponent, and he will be my President". Comunque il culto continua a far ridere, talvolta amaro. E opporsi non è (ancora) reato.

Zerlenga: la battuta di Berlusconi ? Peggio Veltroni. Lui e Obama "non possono essere più diversi, non solo per il passato, ma anche perché evidentemente V non ha letto il programma di O, non sa che cosa vuole fare. [...] Obama non è pacifista, intanto perché gli americani non eleggono candidati pacifisti, poi perché il presidente della più grande potenza del mondo non può essere pacifista”. La sinistra italiana si è creata questa fantasia obamiana, spiega Zerlenga, in sostituzione di un’opposizione seria al governo Berlusconi.
The swooning frenzy over the choice of Barack Obama as President of the United States must be one of the most absurd waves of self-deception and swirling fantasy ever to sweep through an advanced civilisation. At least Mandela-worship, its nearest equivalent, is focused on a man who actually did something. I really don’t see how the Obama devotees can ever in future mock the Moonies, the Scientologists or people who claim to have been abducted in flying saucers. This is a cult like the one which grew up around Princess Diana, bereft of reason and hostile to facts.
Hitchens, ma stavolta Peter, il fratello di Christopher, fa ciao-ciao all'America. Suspicious of welfare addiction, feeble justice and high taxes, totally committed to preserving its own national sovereignty, unabashedly Christian in a world part secular and part Muslim, suspicious of the Great Global Warming panic, it was unique. Ora ha iniziato la sua discesa -con noi europei- verso il terzo mondo.
Reazioni sornione dall'intelligentsjia repubblicana. Kristol in qualche modo gongola. Barnes has got advice for all of us.
Krauthammer: onore a McCain. [Data la crisi economica] even a Ronald Reagan could not have survived. The fact that John McCain got 46 percent of the electorate when 75 percent said the country was going in the wrong direction is quite remarkable. [...] before our old soldier fades away, it is worth acknowledging that McCain ran a valiant race against impossible odds. He will be — he should be — remembered as the most worthy presidential nominee ever to be denied the prize.
I penosi psico-obamiani italiani - Ostellino sul Corriere.
Aspetti sottili di temperamento vs policy: quanto larga è davvero la delega ? As president, Obama faces daunting problems. How to fix a financial system no one seems to fully understand. How to defeat terrorist enemies sheltered in the territory of our putative ally Pakistan. How to live up to the high expectations so visible in the cheering and tearful faces in those crowds in Berlin, Invesco Field and Grant Park — after a victory that was thrilling, but not quite what the Democrats hoped for.
Racial psychodrama: "Only now" una basetta. Instead of being truly beyond race, and treating African-American candidates exactly like everyone else, [some whites] demonstrate their continuing racial consciousness by shameless toadying.

Something like that afflicted the press during this election year. Nothing would be permitted to impede Obama’s victorious procession toward the White House. He was a green first-term senator? We won’t mention that (even when we decry Sarah Palin’s lack of experience). He skirted 130 decisions, voting present, during his time in the Illinois Senate? No problem.

He broke his promise to accept public financing of his campaign? Just evidence of his fundraising “prowess” (AP) or ability to “set records” (New York Times).

Early in his career, he was listed as a member of the socialist New Party? New Zealand papers picked up on it. Didn’t make it into our major media. He supported the most extreme abortion agenda of any candidate in modern American history and then lied about it? Not relevant. He enjoyed close ties with ACORN, a group that is facing criminal charges of vote fraud in a dozen states? Yawn.

As for his thoroughly repellent associations with Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright, William Ayers, and others, it was considered very bad form to mention them. Even John McCain refrained from raising the Wright issue for fear of having his “racial innocence” compromised.

As a result of this racial psychodrama played out in our national politics (among other reasons), we are now about to have the most left-wing president in history. We can only hope, for his sake and for the country’s, that his left-wing positions were adopted out of expedience, not conviction, and that President Obama will decide that success requires him to tack to the center.

07 November 2008

Reconciliation, with a grain of salt

VDH il giorno dopo.

Qualche excerpt:


I wish President-elect Obama well, and hope that even his critics can concede that he waged a successful and often brilliant campaign. [...] conservatives have a golden opportunity to offer criticism and advice in a manner that many liberals did not during the last eight years. In the future, criticism should be offered in unified pro-American tones [...]. There should be no conservative counterparts of Bill Maher, Michael Moore, or Al Franken. [...]

The taboo of race

[...] as Europe goes wild over Obama, the subtext is, “This would never happen here.” After all, we have had African-American secretaries-of-state for eight years—and still no Turkish-German Foreign Minister or Congolese-French Prime Minister? [...]

the first African-American President dominated the news cycle for the last 24-hours. But just as importantly, we have chosen the most hard left candidate since Henry Wallace. [...] On matters of race, at some point the country will evolve beyond the current narrative of the last day that runs something like—‘You redeemed yourself by voting for Barack, and now we can all say we are truly Americans’. The problem with that understandable sentiment are its corollaries: ‘Unless you support European socialist solutions offered by a charismatic African-American candidate, then you confirm America as a quasi-racist nation.’

[...] African-Americans voted for a black candidate at a 95% rate; Hispanics at perhaps 75%; yet the country was judged as free of racial tribalism on the basis of whether whites voted for a black candidate far to the left of any Democratic nominee during the last three decades in pluralities greater than they did for past white Democratic candidates like Gore or Kerry. And they did! It will be interesting when the first Hispanic candidate wins to see whether Mexican-American citizens en masse reaffirm the country to be finally fulfilling its promise—and what would be the reaction of African-Americans and Asians to such ethnic solidarity.

This solidarity may be a natural reaction, but something is still puzzling about hours of television showing African-American ecstasy based on apparent racial pride rather than glee that someone of Obama’s views was elected—all often editorialized by teary-eyed objective journalists. A person from Mars who watched this post-election celebration, might study the popular reaction to the Obama victory and become puzzled: “Aren’t people now saying pretty much what Michelle Obama said twice, and to great criticism, during the campaign: that the emergence of Barack Obama was occasion for many to have pride in their country for the first time?”

[Beh, si`. A modo loro: vedi qui]

Sarah Palin

There was something bothersome about the treatment of Sarah Palin. Her final campaign appearances and interviews showed calm, poise and competence. Her charm galvanized the base. And yet the hard Left on day one reduced her to a Neanderthal creationist. The DC-NY Republican grandees demonized her as a cancerous bimbo who spoke in a patois and represented a culture that was an anathema. [...] I hope she completes her term, runs for Senate, and comes back to DC to haunt her critics. Long after 2008, we shall remember that an Atlantic Mazagine blogger for days on end trafficked in rumors that her own daughter delivered her mother’s Down Syndrome child. That smear says it all.

Good/Bad John McCain

2000—“Old” John McCain runs against George Bush and loses, so he’s declared principled and good; mid-2008—“new” John McCain runs against a messianic Barack Obama and could win, so he’s ruthless, quasi-racist, and bad; late 2008—“new-old” John McCain loses against Obama and makes a typically gracious speech, so suddenly he’s the new ‘old’ John McCain again?

Creepy People

We, of course, wish to be liked abroad. But there are reasons why in many cases we are not. That is, many governments welcome authoritarians. They prefer tribal, religious, and racial chauvinism compared to our diverse plurality. They like class hierarchies and resent our mobility. They prefer statism, are anti-democratic, and have contempt for consumer capitalism. So why would we wish governments currently composed of radical Palestinians, Iranians, Venezuelans, North Koreans, Syrians, or Russians to like or admire us? While we would wish not to gratuitously excite their ire, their empathy toward us should make us worried not relieved. Who cares whether the royal House of Saud is happy over the election, or those in the Iranian parliament or the activists of Hezbollah?

Campaign casualties

1. No one will again trust the media to report objectively a general election. Turn on NBC or CNN or read the front page of the NY Times, and you will expect an editorial for the more liberal candidate without pretense of objectivity.
2. Public financing is over as a bipartisan tradition. The Democrats may try to resurrect it, once as incumbents they see advantages in limiting fund raising, but no one will ever again believe the mantra of big money + big politics = sleaze

06 November 2008

Tra un paper e l'altro

a) Calma e gesso: l'Obama-mania si attenuerà presto.

b) Andate a farvi f...

c) Vero o no, ditelo a W. e a Romano.

05 November 2008


si perde. Con dignità e orgoglio.

Grande Roma; Obama come previsto

La Roma scazzotta il Chelsea 3 a 1 in una serata da lupi.

Obama vince circa 350 a 190, come previsto p.es. da Camillo, in sostanza prendendosi Ohio, Florida, Nevada (il che era atteso) e a sorpresa (per me di sicuro) l'Indiana. Alcuni siti danno ancora in bilico Missouri e North Carolina, altri danno il primo a McCain e la seconda (pure a sorpresa) a Obama.

Per il resto, da RealClearPolitics sembrerebbe alla House stia 251 a 171 (20 seggi passano da GOP a Dem), e che al Senato i Dems abbiano preso CO, NH, NM, NC, VA. Dei 4 posti rimanenti in Alaska e Georgia il GOP in vantaggio, e tie assoluta in Minnesota e Oregon. Male che vada quindi dovrebbero esserci 58 senatori Dem. La difesa last ditch contro la dittatura Pelosi-Reid, quindi, rimane possibile.

Vabbe', speriamo come detto tante volte che risulti uno cinico e pragmatico, ma alla fine una specie di neo-con liberal, e non un Carter. Io temo che sara` la seconda che ho detto, ma speriamo nell'America. La cosa lievemente insopportabile saranno invece i beceroni di casa nostra. Il primo commento che ho sentito stamattina e' quello della Melandri, che ha detto due cazzate in una sola frase sulla presunta fine dell'unilateralismo e del liberalismo della scuola di Chicago. Buon Dio e buona Madonna.

Piu' pensieri piu' tardi. Ora roll up your sleeves and go back to work. (Dice bene qui K. J. Lopez)

04 November 2008


Obama, con tutto il culto della personalita` e il ridicolo bias mediatico (negli USA: in Italia meglio nemmeno parlarne), e' una incognita per gli Stati Uniti. E' ragionevole temere che sia veramente quello che i detrattori sostengono che sia: ovvero, in estrema sintesi, il portabandiera di una politica economica, sociale, e internazionale di tipo europeo (con il supporto del Pelosi-congress, oltretutto).

Ovviamente i nostri sinistri lo adorano (adorerebbero) proprio per quello: interventismo statale in economia, tassazione e spesa pubblica aumentata, redistribuzione forzata del reddito, multilateralismo / dialogo / diplomazia in politica estera (tendenziale atteggiamento anti-israele/pro-palestinese, apertura verso i caudilli di mezzo mondo tipo Venezuela, Iran, Siria, etc.), aborto a go-go con supporto statale, unificazione post-razziale.

Ovviamente, chi come me lo avversa lo fa proprio perche' apprezza le stesse cose con il segno cambiato. (L'unificazione postrazziale, logicamente, piace anche a me: ma quella di Obama in realta' non lo e' - contrabbanda invece sotto mentite spoglie una rivalsa e una nuova contrapposizione razziale. Dopo tutto e' li` che ha lavorato per anni.)

Purtroppo non e' solo affare interno degli USA, sia perche' la politica economica americana determina anche quella del resto del mondo, sia perche' l'America ha un record solido nella benemerita (ma da noi vituperata) attivita` di salvarci o proteggerci il culo dalle minacce internazionali, e una presidenza Obama decisamente potrebbe cambiare direzione.

Non staro' alzato stanotte. E se il mio giovanotto si sveglia verso le 3 come capita ogni tanto, cercherò di forzarmi a non accendere la TV. A domani, e forza Mac !

Tanto, what do I have to lose ?

Dai, ecco la previsione. Colorado e Virginia al GOP e PA obamiana: finisce ai rigori. O magari al mercato delle vacche...

Wishful, vabbè, ma al cor non si comanda, e comunque altrimenti che gusto c'e' ? :D

Come dicono in giro, qui si vince se i sondaggi sono sballati. Io lo dicevo tempo fa. It ain't over until the fat lady sings.