24 January 2009

Sulle fantasie della base di O.

Gitmo, "tortura", stem cells: Camillo.

E più in generale su Gitmo: To summarize: underneath the lofty rhetoric, this is change George W. Bush could believe in.

21 January 2009

Best wishes, president O.

Un passaggio rassicurante del discorso di Obama: "We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you"

Non certo al livello di questo, ma meglio di niente. Tanti, tanti cari auguri ! ;)

18 January 2009

Give self-hating Jews a chance

Last Saturday, the Guardian published a letter that compared Israel to the Nazis; described the Palestinian Authority as “Palestinian Quislings”; called on Britain to recall its ambassador to Tel Aviv; and supported a boycott of Israeli goods.
Before informing the readers that the images from Gaza “reminded” them “of the siege of the Warsaw Ghetto”, the 78 signatories felt compelled to say: “We the undersigned are all of Jewish origin”, somehow establishing a connection between what they said (Israel = Nazi) and who they were (Jews).

The latest letter raises three questions: the substance of the accusations levelled against Israel; whether being Jewish makes such opinions more compelling or more legitimate; and what purpose these individuals serve, by linking their Jewish credentials to the radical ideas they endorse.

On the substance, the signatories compare Israel’s actions in Gaza to the Nazis. This is not new, of course, but its repetition does not make it truer. In Auschwitz, there were around 30,000 daily deaths — all unarmed, starved prisoners. In Gaza, since the start of Israel’s offensive, there have been fewer than 50 deaths a day, up to 70 percent of them Hamas fighters. Nazis took joy at massacring civilians. Israelis give warning via phone to civilians. Nazis starved their victims for months before destroying the Ghetto. Israel sends humanitarian aid in the form of food and medicines every day. Intelligent people should be able to see the difference and refrain from such comparisons. Are our friends of Jewish origins stupid or malicious? Judge for yourself.

In the process, they ends up trivializing the Holocaust as well, much like Holocaust denial. If only 50 people a day died in the Warsaw Ghetto while the Nazis were resupplying their hapless Jewish victims with food and medicine, one cannot fault the Nazis too much. It also follows, logically, that Jews trying to turn that history into a paradigm of evil are exaggerating – for political goals perhaps? You see where this can go.

Il resto qui:

16 January 2009



Che altro dire ?

15 January 2009

Da barbiere a tour operator

Camillo: raid pro-Gaza a Ramallah disdetto per carenza di partecipanti. D'Alema potrebbe organizzare un pullman.

Chu era costui ?

Solare sì, ma con juicio.

14 January 2009

Il nuovo fronte di Hamas

È egiziano. A pensarci ha dell'incredibile.

Ceasefire ?

Cosa significa un cessate-il-fuoco ora ?

Chi critica Israele non fa un piacere ai palestinesi.

Notizie dagli Israel-haters qui (la guerra e' una mossa elettorale) e qui (Naomi Klein, this generation’s Noam Chomsky in women’s designer suits).

E qui e qui si ricorda che Hamas e' brutta, ma Fatah non e' mica bella. Vedi questo mio post pre-colpo-di-stato di Hamas. Spooky, no ?

Lo sappiamo bene, ma volendo qui ci ricordano ancora che isolare e mantenere isolata Gaza è esattamente da sempre l' obiettivo -e responsabilità- dei paesi arabi circostanti.

Barack H. Bush III

in the words of VDH. The mass hysteria will subside, and historians will come to apprise the Hope and Change summer and fall of 2008 as one of the most curious episodes of mass hysteria in American history. And now let the governance begin.

(Bush II non è stato male, se si ragiona sui suoi errori.)

W to O

Una lezione da W a O.


"Yeah, yeah, I know, you’re the smartest guy in any room you walk into, Barry, but this ain’t the U.S. Senate, where guys who didn’t even pass the bar their first time out get to decide who’s on the Supreme Court,” snapped W. “Maybe, just maybe, you could learn something from the men who’ve come here before you.

Lesson No. 1: The media aren’t your friends, they just liked you better than the other guy. Now you are the other guy.

Lesson two: First week in office, best thing you can do is infuriate your base. A real knee to the groin. Make them question why they ever donated a nickel or licked a stamp for you. [...]You have to make people understand that nobody owns the president of the U.S. of A.

Next week call up the CEO of Exxon-Mobil and invite him over to watch a movie [over] a big bowl of buttered popcorn. Better yet, have one of your flunkies from Greenpeace or the trial-lawyers association there, too, and have them serve the popcorn. Teach that puppy to heel.

You want to be your own man, the trick is to pick one thing and stick with it no matter what anybody says. With me, after 9/11, it was all about the war against the jihadis. You pick one thing and hold fast to it, you’re going to be hated worse than you can imagine.”

“What if you’re wrong about that one thing?” persisted Obama.

“The big things, the important decisions, you may not ever know if you were right,” said W., “but you have to do what you think best, anyway.”

“You’ll do fine,” said W. “Another thing, don’t be tempted to start throwing out pardons like necklaces at Mardi Gras,” warned W., wagging a finger. “I guarantee, right off the bat you’re going to be hit up to release that cop-killer. What’s his name? Abu Ben-Adam?”

“Mumia Abu-Jamal.”

“Whatever. Don’t do it. At least not until the last day of your last term in office. Then all bets are off. You can pardon Manson if you want to then. Billy Clinton got that right at least.”

Obama settled deeper into the La-Z-Boy. “Does this thing have a massage unit?”

“There’s a switch under your right arm. That’s it.”


“Another thing,” said W., squinting over at him. “Give people nicknames. Stretch. Turd-Blossom. Hezbollah Helen. Mr. Stupid. Giving out nicknames makes it seem like you’re one of the gang, humanizes you while, at the same time, asserting control. Remember, you’re the one passing out names. Nobody gives you a nickname.”


“Remember, don’t tell anybody else about this room, not even Michelle.”

“Pass me that bag of pork rinds, George W.” Obama deftly caught the bag tossed his way.

“That’s the spirit,” said W., flipping through the channels. “What do you want to watch?”

“Does it matter?” said Obama, chomping away, spraying crumbs everywhere.

13 January 2009

Really Olmert ?

At this week's cabinet meeting, Olmert slammed international calls for IDF restraint in Gaza. "For many years we've demonstrated restraint. We reined our reactions. We bit our lips and took barrage after barrage," said Olmert in remarks at the opening of the weekly meeting of government ministers. "No country in the world – not even those who preach morality to us – would have shown similar patience and self-control."

"Dannato cyborg, dove hai nascosto il vero Olmert ?"

Un bel colpo di coda. Comunque, che la Rice avesse posizioni ambigue, lo si sapeva.

On a lighter note

Ieri Isabella ha vinto una partita difficile, di un punto e come miglior realizzatrice con 12 punti. Wow !


Il sig. Silvano Leso ha pubblicato una lista di prodotti israeliani da boicottare, sul sito della comunità cristiana di base di Chieri (TO), tra i link a "Impero USA" e a "Berlusconi". Solo la più folcloristica delle idiozie recenti dette e fatte da cristiani o sedicenti tali su Israele e il medio oriente in generale. (Peraltro, quando sento dire "di base" la mano corre alla pistola.)

Massimo D'Alema ha dichiarato ieri “Una vera spedizione punitiva, quella contro Hamas. Difficilmente si può definire ‘guerra’ un conflitto in cui muoiono 900 persone da una parte e 10 dall’altra”. Andrea's version sul Foglio fa notare al presunto migliore della sinistra (e lo sara' pure - questo definisce la gravità della situazione) il cappotto di diverse migliaia a zero da lui stesso fatto a suo tempo alla Serbia.

Gianni Vattimo, intervistato dal Corriere, vince il premio per la densità areale di luoghi comuni.

Daniela Martani, pasionaria Alitalia, ha escluso la sua partecipazione al Grande Fratello. Ma certo, ci mancherebbe.

12 January 2009

Agenda iraniana

A Gaza, e la bomba. Dal Transatlantic Institute di Emanuele Ottolenghi.


Perchè la centralità del conflitto israeliano-palestinese è una palla, uno e due. (E pure tre.)

Spegnete i neuroni

Non c'e' limite alla cretineria. La ricerca on-line inquina; digitate indirizzi a caso finchè trovate, oppure andate con il vostro SUV alla biblioteca e cercate su carta.

Non lo dico io

[...] c'e' una componente dalla quale e' riconoscibile "il" fascismo: ed e' il culto della morte. (U. Eco)

Nomen omen

M...! (Una perla del Corrierino.)

10 January 2009

Eterogenesi dei fini, anyone ?

Un pazzo frenetico. "Tutti d'accordo, al global warming bisogna mettere un freno [...]". Ah ?

09 January 2009

Questione di rapporti

Si sono svegliati ;)

Notavo qualche giorno fa leggendo della ipotizzata net-zero tax americana che U.S. gasoline was selling for $4.11 a gallon, it now sells for $1.65. Prima, cioe`, in euro, 0.84/litro, ora 0.33/litro, rapporto 2.5. Curiosamente da noi il rapporto di diminuzione e' 1.5, e il prezzo assoluto è 1.1. Grazie sentite all'authority competente.

I democratici di D'Alema

Hamas, a parole sue. Prima della crisi. Sempre, a dire il vero.

(Update: a proposito di video di Hamas, vedetevi questo dal LupodiGubbio :D )

Il perchè della guerra, in sintesi. The wars in the Middle East are the frontline of the Islamic Nazi offensive – a 60-year aggression of Muslim Arabs against the Jews, rationalized at each turn by epic lies that resonate with radicals in the West: that the Arab aggressors are the victims; that the Jews stole Arab land (Israel in fact was created out of the ruins of the Turkish empire); that there is a Palestinian entity that wants peace with the state of Israel (there is none – there is not a single Palestinian leader – who supports the existence of a Jewish state).

And on a different note: probabile Frenken senatore del Minnesota: Send in the clown.

07 January 2009


Gaza is not Lebanon. E, nonostante il solito splatter (anche sui media occidentali), gli Arabi stanno by and large a guardare, mentre la situa di Hamas è decisamente seria. L'hatred anti-Israele continua, business as usual.

P.S.: The world's pornographic interest in Jewish moral failure.

P.P.S. Stephen Walt gets a blow. (Qui, se non sapete chi è.)


Fatah nel mirino di Hamas. Non si ha notizia di dimostrazioni in Europa.

Sulla retorica della tregua - in stile Corrierino, ma meglio di niente.

Questioni di proporzione. Glucksmann, come al solito, acuto: A meno che non occorra contare allo stesso livello non solo i mezzi militari, ma anche gli scopi perseguiti. Poiché Hamas - contrariamente all'Autorità palestinese - si ostina a non riconoscere allo Stato ebraico il diritto di esistere e sogna l'annientamento dei suoi cittadini, non sarebbe il caso che Israele imitasse questo spirito radicale e procedesse a una gigantesca pulizia etnica? Si vuole veramente che Israele rispetti, in misura proporzionale, le ambizioni sterminatrici di Hamas?

Intanto, sul terreno.

Nel dubbio che qualcuno dica non avevo capito : qui Krauthammer, e qui Barry Rubin in una vecchia traduzione di yours truly. E ci aggiungo VDH qui e qui:

Gaza is a sort of lab experiment in the Middle East. Recall for a minute: the Israelis withdrew en masse, a so-called “retreat” that reverberated all over the Middle East. The West supported free and open elections that gave Hamas their legitimacy, such as it was. Gaza is strategically placed on the Mediterranean with a prime shoreline. It borders Egypt the traditional center of the Arab world. Hundreds of millions of dollars of Middle-East oil money, and Western relief donations have poured into the tiny state. Israeli clearly wants no more of it, and would love to let Gaza alone to be Dubai.

The result?

Hamas with its serial rocket attacks on Israel interprets all of the above not as an opportunity for prosperity, but as a stage one for the great accomplishment of its generation—the absolute destruction of the Jewish state. Its agenda is clear and unambiguous, and apparently shared by millions of elites in the West itself, without whose support Hamas could not exist. The common theme of Western press coverage is the misery of Gaza, never the misery of Gaza as a product of the garrison-state mentality of Hamas’s radical Islamic vows to wage perennial war against Israel.

Hamas counts on the fact that its own losses will be characterized as a “holocaust” and appear comparable in the Western media to something like Darfur or the slaughtering in Zimbabwe, or the usual carnage that we wake up to on the news. Take away Western press attention from Gaza, and Hamas is just another violent, illiberal regime that impoverishes its own people while seeking victim status in the West.

Is that too harsh? I don’t think so. Again, if it were to call a one-year truce with Israel, seek normal relations with Egypt, and swear off Iranian-Hezbollah terrorist aid while it sought to rebuild infrastructure, ensure security, and recruit foreign capital, then there would be no more world attention, and its cadres of hooded youth would lack the pizzazz of “militants.”

01 January 2009

Buon anno

E per prima cosa, speriamo che facciano pulizia davvero.

Un po` di demistificazione un-westernmedia-like qui e qui. (E per westernmedia-like intendo questo.)