24 April 2009

And Spengler is...

Rimbalzato dal sito di VDH, mi capita di leggere due articoli dell'anno scorso (uno e due) di Spengler sull'Asia Time: impressionanti; perchè sembra che abbia la sfera di cristallo. E in un articolo recente, rivela chi è, con un'analisi spietata ma vera del nostro declino e dei possibili rimedi.

The 300 or so essays that I have published in this space since 1999 all proceeded from the theme formulated by Rosenzweig: the mortality of nations and its causes, Western secularism, Asian anomie, and unadaptable Islam.

Why raise these issues under a pseudonym? There is a simple answer, and a less simple one. To inform a culture that it is going to die does not necessarily win friends, and what I needed to say would be hurtful to many readers. I needed to tell the Europeans that their post-national, secular dystopia was a death-trap whence no-one would get out alive.

I needed to tell the Muslims that nothing would alleviate the unbearable sense of humiliation and loss that globalization inflicted on a civilization that once had pretensions to world dominance. I needed to tell Asians that materialism leads only to despair. And I needed to tell the Americans that their smugness would be their undoing.

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