22 October 2009

Dieci motivi

per il Nobel di Obama:

1. Valiantly pulled rank on his top commander in Afghanistan by putting off Gen. Stanley McChrystal's urgent request for more troops.
2. Boldly turned a deaf ear to Iranians who only wanted a free and fair vote in that country's recent rigged election crisis.
3. Successfully blamed former President George W. Bush for winning the war in Iraq.
4. Humbly helped Brazil win the 2016 Olympics by not warning of military intervention.
5. Put an end to the horribly accurate phrase "global war on terror" and replaced it with the sublimely bureaucratic "overseas contingency operations."
6. Bravely turned his back on our allies (Poland and the Czech Republic) by stripping them of the missile shield the U.S. had promised them.
7. Courageously denounced America's founding as a Christian nation when visiting Turkey.
8. Astutely appointed a Supreme Court justice who believes that international laws can take precedence over U.S. Constitutional laws.
9. Eloquently called Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez "mi amigo" during a conversation at a summit of Western Hemisphere leaders.
10. Continues to work tirelessly to award U.S. citizenship to the 12.5 million illegal aliens currently residing in America.

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