13 October 2009

TV in pajamas

Zo parla di Obama, Gesù, socialismo e capitalismo, e premio Nobel. Con finale alla Kanye West.

Klavan: there is a connection between Jesus and Obama: you look at his pictures and say '... Jesus Christ ...'

Gaia (la terra, si intende) se la fa addosso. E indovina, e' petrolio.

A Denver nevica, eccetera. Will any of this be brought up at the climate conference in Copenhagen this December? Not unless hell freezes over. Then again ...

Krauthammer: "Declino : una scelta". (Traduzione italiana è sul Foglio, solo a pagamento. O video al Manhattan Institute.)

Steyn e chi ha vinto il Premio. There’s something almost quaintly vieux chapeau about the Nobel decision, as if the hopeychangey bumper stickers were shipped surface mail to Oslo and only arrived last week. Everywhere else, they’re peeling off.

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