10 December 2009

E a proposito,

a parte tutti i dettagli, quelli tra noi scienziati che fanno seriamente il proprio mestiere abbiamo tutte le ragioni di essere incazzati come vipere cornute.

Non sono così catastrofista , ma questo articolo ha buonissime ragioni.

E anche questa replica.

E pure questo pezzo.

the study of climate change, under the aegis of "dangerous global warming caused by human carbon dioxide emissions," has long since been captured by the small group of well connected, well networked and well funded atmospheric scientists and computer modellers who advise the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and whose nearly every utterance confirms their ignorance of the true course of climate history and change on our planet - a topic that is the domain of geologists, not meteorologists and computer jockeys.

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