02 December 2009

Tempi moderni

Un commento che mi pare interessante a un post di VDH.

You search the hypothesis to find the best answer, [but today, people] start with an answer and throw out the entire process of searching, if it doesn’t fit.

We are being ruled by a cultural dynamic that spans four decades. It’s the Aspirin Bottle culture, that surrounds us. One aspirin eased my pain, so the whole bottle will cure everything that ails me.

The left, lefter, leftist side of our culture had some very heady days just about 35-40 years ago. Think about this soberly for a moment : 1) VietNam; 2) pollution; 3) race relations; 4) gender equality; 5) sexual freedom; 6) Watergate.

What we are witnessing today, is the “whole bottle” force feeding of the need to remain the “moral superiors” for our society. The left, lefter, leftist side of the spectrum got an enormous rush out of being on the “correct” side of the above issues (no matter whether it’s true: it’s a truism so ingrained it’s not worth trying to convince anyone otherwise). So much so, that they now would lie, cheat, steal, rape, pillage, plunder…in order to keep the moral high ground. An oxymoron? Of course. That’s the point.

Pollution was worth fighting against…once everyone agreed, or nearly everyone…it became axiomatic that the leftists would be on the "right" side of the ecology issue. And they could force feed everyone their pedantic screeds, without the fussy business of actually doing any real scientific research. Ergo, global warming fraud. Committing fraud to keep the moral superiority rush alive is Machiavellian, but once you have that high ground and it is your lifeblood, your raison d’etre…you will break any rule to retain it.

War…if “we were right” about Viet Nam…then, ergo…*every* war is unjustified, for the wrong reasons, a quagmire. An aspirin helped, the whole bottle is 100 times better.

Martin Luther King marched for decency, so today…if you disagree with any person or on any issue related to race…you are a NASCAR loving, tobacco chewing, backwoods racist. In fact, you don’t even have to disagree on any issue…just if you don’t agree with *everything*…the mere dissent is enough to label you a racist. On issues having noting to do with race, whatsoever.

Pick an issue. Any issue. It’s a magic trick. Sleight of hand. If you are a Republican, Watergate was a crooked mess…therefore, you are not worthy of anything but contempt.

It therefore matters not one whit what the best solution might be. The culture vulture has swallowed reason whole and it does not need a place at our table. The legacy media is the falconer for this bird of prey. It has eaten logic, reason, fairness, principled disset. The hypothesis doesn’t matter: the answer has been pre-written. And you know what they call swallowing a whole bottle of aspirin? Attempted suicide.

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