28 March 2010

In passing

Siamo diventati decenti: gli antropologicamente superiori risalgono in disordine eccetera, o solo opportunisticamente ?

Shrillary: cool down on Israel: lo dice perfino il Congresso.

Kristol: repeal !
The last Rasmussen poll before the House passed Obamacare had 54 percent of voters opposed and 41 percent in favor. The first survey taken after the president signed the bill showed 55 percent favoring repeal, with 42 percent supporting the legislation. Independents were 59 to 35 percent for repeal. And the generic congressional ballot remained virtually unchanged, with Republicans holding the steady 7-9 point lead they’ve had since the new year. If anything like that margin holds, Republicans will win the House in November.

But there are those who are rallying to Obamacare. Fidel Castro, for instance. Last Thursday he declared its passage “a miracle”: “We consider health reform to have been an important battle and a success of [Obama’s] government.”

So, the verdict on Obamacare: The American people, No; Castro, Si.

Castro would presumably approve of some other recent Obama initiatives, too: The wholesale retreat on Iran sanctions and from any prospect of acting seriously to stop the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The fact that a Guantánamo detainee released in December—with much touting of how careful Team Obama was being in contrast with the Bush administration—has rejoined the battle against American troops in Afghanistan. And, of course, the stunning turn against Israel.

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