26 May 2010

Caro Elvis - anzi, no.

Dear Costello:

Firstly, accept my sincere apologies for being unable to refer to you as “Elvis,” for the obvious reason that you aren’t really Elvis.

Secondly, allow me to address your decision to cancel the show planned for Israel. I attempted to understand the reasons you referred to in your cancellation notice. You addressed the “humiliation of Palestinians civilians in the name of national security,” and I wonder what you meant.

Perhaps you’re referring to the roadblocks and fence we built in order to prevent suicide bombers from exploding in our buses and coffee shops. The dramatic decline in Palestinian massacres, from an average of one a day to almost nil may indeed be humiliating for them, as you noted.

Or maybe you referred to Operation Cast Lead. If that’s the case, you are in fact condemning us for deciding to put an end to eight years of rocket attacks targeting our kindergartens. If you think this is demagoguery, please go ahead and check the timers which the “humiliated” terrorists set for the rockets. They were aiming for the hours where our children head to kindergarten and to school.

Immediately after doing so, these terrorists rushed to hide being their own women and children. And why did they do so? So you, Costello, will see our response on your television screen, and proceed to express shock and suddenly call off your show in Israel – a year and a half later.

What exactly did you expect? That we’ll allow Islamic terror to butcher our citizens? We should remind you that we were not the ones to send our army thousands of kilometers away to spill blood at some remote islands near Argentina. We’re fighting for our very homes.

On this issue, Costello, you may wish to ask what British soldiers are doing in Afghanistan and Iraq, and why they’re humiliating the Afghan people every day without the latter ever dispatching suicide bombers or rockets to Britain. Did you also call off your shows in England? And what about the United States? Will you continue to perform there while Guantanamo is still intact?

You refer to human rights, Costello, while ignoring the fact that Israel is a democracy. You should look into the State of Israel’s attitude to minorities, compared to our neighbors whose side you took. Let’s see how long it will take before you’re decapitated, should you aim to lead a Gay Pride Parade in Gaza or Hebron. Are you aware of the state of Christians in the Gaza Strip, or the state of women’s rights there? Your silence on these matters attests to the honesty of your claims.

You should also ask yourself why all these “humiliated” people would love to get an Israeli ID card. If we’re so bad to them, why are they infiltrating Israel in every possible way? Also ask how many Fatah members were murdered after being hurled off roofs by Hamas and how many dozens of Muslims are being butchered by other Muslims every day. Look into the number of Sudanese Muslims who sacrifice their lives in order to escape to our “apartheid” state. They do so while fleeing the massacres committed against them by other Muslims.

Yet all of this is apparently of no interest to you. At the same time, you will likely not boycott all the medical, economic, and agricultural technologies produced by Israel. Through them, Israel saves hundreds of millions of people every year from disease and hunger. There is no self-respecting major high-tech or biotech company without some kind of representation in Israel. Meanwhile, our aid delegations are the first to show up in any disaster site worldwide, from Thailand to Haiti.

And what do the merchants of hatred who sold you their goods produce? What is their contribution to humanity? Oppression, terrorism, poverty, and fundamentalism.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the only state facing the kind of attitude you displayed is the Jewish State. But, as Jews, we’re used to it. We don’t think you’re an anti-Semite, heaven forbid. You’re just a self-righteous hypocrite who wishes to be politically correct and go with the flow of the “sexy leftist camp” when it comes to criticizing Israel.

On a final note, I just want to remind you, Costello, what turns a person from an “artist” to a “phenomenon.” It’s about daring to innovate, rather than going with the flow. This can also be reflected by the art you produce. It’s nice music, but not much more than that. You know what; perhaps this is the difference between you and truly shining stars, such as Ray Charles (who you once referred to as “nigger”) or even Elvis. On this issue, all residents of the Middle East may be in agreement: There is only one Elvis out there.

24 May 2010


Obama sta diventando la barzelletta dei banditi di mezzo mondo. Glielo hanno anche detto in faccia. Time for, ahem, a change.

20 May 2010

Mann oh Mann - 1

A chill is what scientists who dissent from the global warming orthodoxy have been feeling for a long time. They are intimidated, ridiculed and held in contempt by their scholarly peers. Their grants vanish. Free thought is punished rather than rewarded. Anyone who thinks Mann is being unfairly treated is ignoring the real bullies.

19 May 2010


So add it all up: the Al-Arabiya interview, the Cairo speech, the distancing from Israel, the euphemisms like “overseas contingency operations” and “man-caused disasters,” the politically correct banishment of any anti-terrorism phraseology associated with Islam, the repeated announcements of the closing of Guantanamo and the trying of KSM in New York, the strange case of Attorney General Eric Holder, who can call his own fellow citizens “cowards” but not associate radical Islam with recent attempts by Muslims to kill those fellow citizens en masse — and we get Syria supplying terrorists with missiles, Iran ever closer to a bomb, and the largest number of terrorist attempts inside the U.S. over the past year than during any other twelve-month period since September 11, 2001.

Indeed, a trait of this administration is to speak far more harshly of fellow Americans than it does of our enemies: Arizonans vote to enforce federal immigration laws, so the administration offers them up to the Chinese as an example of American civil-liberties violations. In our morally equivalent world, a government that would enforce laws against those who entered the country illegally is not all that different from a government that not long ago killed more than 40 million of its own.

If Europe is our model of soft power; if Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other autocracies are the moral equivalents of democratic Israel; if it is not radical Islam that empowered a Hasan, an Abdulmutallab, or a Shahzad; if Iran can be reasoned with to abandon its nuclear agenda; and if Russia can be flattered into acting responsibly — then the world suddenly does not work in the way it has in the past 2,500 years of civilization.

What is common to all these disillusionments — the intolerance and dishonesty of environmental extremism, the European Union crackup, and Barack Obama’s renewal of Jimmy Carter’s failed foreign policy? They all can be traced to a global Western elite that in its intellectual arrogance confused late-20th-century technological progress with a supposed evolution in human nature itself. Heaven on earth was to be ushered in by those who deemed themselves so wise and so moral that they could remake civilization in their own image — even if that sometimes meant the end of disinterested research, basic arithmetic, and simple common sense.

Arizona here I come

A year ago, without appropriate basis in fact, President Obama said, “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.”

Now he is saying, quite clearly, “The (AZ) State Police will act stupidly.”

This from the nation’s chief executive officer.

Qui. E qui....

President Obama reminded us, "we are not defined by our borders" — although apparently a million Mexican nationals a year disagree and so risk everything to be on the north rather than the south side of a supposedly imaginary line. That is the truth that we dare not speak.

18 May 2010


H. Clinton: Adesso basta... sanzioni !

Basta... se no ? Pesti i piedi a terra e trattieni il fiato fino a diventare paonazza ?

La vicenda delle sanzioni all'Iran ha del grottesco. Dopo n deadlines disattese e dopo la Turchia e il Brasile che fanno sponda all'Iran nonostante la festa di paese della conferenza sul disarmo nucleare, queste sarebbero sanzioni ? Obama/Clinton sono alla canna del gas e tentano di riprendere l'iniziativa. Riprendere - come l'avessero mai avuta.

Obambi vs Daniel Pearl

Da Camillo:

Sono queste le tre paroline che Barack Obama NON ha detto nel celebrare il passaggio al Congresso del Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act, la legge a favore dei "giornalisti coraggiosi" che con il loro lavoro sono "frontlines against tyranny and oppression". And islamic jihad. Daniel Pearl è stato ucciso da un gruppo di militanti musulmani in nome dell'Islam e perché era ebreo. La pericolosità dell'ideologia del politicamente corretto sta tutta in questo discorso di Obama: nel non voler chiamare le cose con il loro vero nome, nella speranza che ignorandole in qualche modo smettano di esistere.

17 May 2010


Sarebbe a dire che mi è andata di c. ...

11 May 2010

Ecco, quando tocca a me

fatemi volare in mare. Per esempio, qui.

Supreme crony

Reazioni varie alla nomina di Elena Kagan per la Supreme Court. Obama pesca come al solito tra gli amichetti. Se nominava me, cascava meglio.

09 May 2010

Meglio tardi che mai ? Beh, insomma.

Eric Holder ammette che ci sono le prove di un link dell'attentato di Times Square con i Talebani.

Mica male, dopo una settimana di denial totale. Bill Roggio del Weekly Standard l'ha saputo direttamente dagli autori e da youtube circa otto ore dopo.

08 May 2010

Pensiero ingenuo

Subito dopo la guerra del Kippur e il blocco petrolifero arabo, i soloni italiani decretarono l'austerity. Di lì a circa due anni decollò l'inflazione. Certo, per carità, non solo per quello - ma la pressione anticrescita dell'austerità imposta dall'alto in Italia pesò molto. Insieme, dopo, a causa di - non so: poi arrivò tutto il resto degli orrendi '70.

Allora ero ragazzino (in una delle risibili domeniche a piedi di quel periodo mi tagliai i baffi per la prima volta, con risultati orrendi). Adesso sono attempato ma non decrepito. Ora mi chiedo: tutti quelli che erano allora ragazzi, giovanotti, anche adulti - soprattutto quelli greci - sono morti, non ricordano, o che cosa ? A me personalmente, quando si parla di austerity, la mano corre alla Colt.

Già già

Luigi Zingales: A Better Plan for Greece - A restructuring, not a bailout

It seems like déjà vu: using fear, a political leader pushes down the throats of violently opposed voters an expensive bailout plan that benefits banks. That description applies not only to U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in 2008 but also to German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy in 2010. Make no mistake: the €110 billion bailout plan, organized by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund and backed by Merkel and Sarkozy, is designed not to save Greece but to avoid painful losses to German and French banks, which hold massive amounts of Greek debt. According to Barclays’s estimates, French financial institutions hold €50 billion of Greek debt, while German ones hold €28 billion.

Just as Paulson did, Merkel and Sarkozy have artfully presented the situation as a choice between bailout and catastrophe. Any reasonable person would choose to avoid the disaster that an uncontrolled default would cause and reluctantly back a bailout. But there is another way out: restructuring, which was a feasible option in the Paulson case and is feasible now as well. Just as many private firms do when facing the threat of default, the Greek government could restructure its debt. In fact, Greece as a sovereign borrower is in a much stronger bargaining position than a private company.

Here’s how it could work. The first thing Greece needs to restructure its public finances is time. So the initial step of a restructuring plan would be a forced extension of debt maturity by three years. This extension, amounting to a partial default, would saddle holders of debt issued by the Greek government with a 15 to 20 percent loss. Temporarily liberated from the need to refinance its debt, Greece would need only the money to finance its budget deficit, which it must bring down dramatically in the next few years. Any credible fiscal policy plan must shrink the budget deficit to €20 billion this year and €5 billion the following year. The International Monetary Fund would be in the best position to extend the €25 billion in loans to cover these deficits. The IMF could make the loans conditional on these deficit cuts’ being reached and could also make the loans senior to all the existing debt—as debtors in financing lending do in U.S. bankruptcy law—which would keep the funds from propping up the existing debt.

Such a plan would admittedly be risky because of the impact it could have on banks in Greece. French and German banks would not be affected in a major way; most of the Greek debt that the two countries hold is owned by insurance companies and mutual funds, which can absorb the shock, rather than by banks, which hold just €18 billion of debt in France and €19 billion in Germany. Thus the worst-case 20 percent loss that Greece’s partial default could impose on debtholders would represent €4 billion for each country’s banks—a significant blow, but not enough to imperil the entire European banking system. The Greek situation is different. According to Barclays’s estimates, Greek banks hold €42 billion of Greek debt. There, a 20 percent loss would equal €8 billion, potentially too much to bear. The failure of Greek banks could then easily spread a panic throughout Europe.

So a restructuring plan would require an IMF intervention in the Greek banking system: not a bailout, but a temporary takeover of insolvent banks. The IMF could act as a receiver, guaranteeing the banks’ systemic obligations (deposits and interbank debt) while wiping out shareholders and also, to the extent the losses require, long-term debtholders. Then it
could temporarily recapitalize these banks and sell their shares in the marketplace as soon as the market stabilized. This part of the plan would not require more than €8 billion, and the IMF would be likely to recover all of that (and more) at the time the banks were sold. So the total amount of funds required would not exceed €33 billion, an amount that the IMF could feasibly cover on its own.

This restructuring plan would cost European taxpayers nothing while preserving marketplace incentives. The current bailout plan, by contrast, rewards banks and individuals who invested in risky Greek debt, contributing to moral hazard and distorting future market signals. But the restructuring that I propose would never be discussed in Europe, let alone approved. In Paris and Frankfurt, as in Washington, the will of the banks matters more than the will of the people.

E' che siamo marci

Steyn: the reactions of Bloomberg & Co. are a useful glimpse into the decayed and corroded heart of a civilization.

Un excerpt:

Last year, not one but two "terrorism task forces" discovered that U.S. Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan was in regular e-mail contact with the American-born, Yemeni-based cleric Ayman al-Awlaki, but concluded that this was consistent with the major's "research interests," so there was nothing to worry about it. A few months later, Maj. Hasan gunned down dozens of his comrades while standing on a table shouting "Allahu Akbar!" That was also consistent with his "research interests," by the way. A policy of relying on stupid jihadists to screw it up every time will inevitably let one or two wiggle through. Hopefully not on a nuclear scale.

Faisal Shahzad's curriculum vitae rang a vague bell with me. A couple of years back, I read a best-selling novel by Mohsin Hamid called "The Reluctant Fundamentalist." His protagonist, Changez, is not so very different from young Faisal: They're both young, educated, westernized Muslims from prominent Pakistani families. Changez goes to Princeton, Faisal to the non-Ivy University of Bridgeport, but he nevertheless emerges with an MBA. Both men graduate to the highflying sector of Wall Street analysts. On returning to New York from overseas, both men get singled out and questioned by immigration officials. Both men sour on America and grow beards. Previously "moderate," they are now "radicalized." The difference is that Faisal tries to blow up midtown Manhattan while Changez becomes the amused detached narrator of a critically acclaimed novel genially mocking America's parochialism and paranoia.

Mohsin Hamed's book was hailed as "elegant" (the Observer), "charming" (the Village Voice), "playful" (the Financial Times), "rich in irony" (the Sydney Morning Herald) and "finely tuned to the ironies of mutual — but especially American — prejudice" (the Guardian), and "finely tuned to the ironies of mutual — but especially American — prejudice" (the Guardian). If only life were like an elegantly playful novel rich in irony. Instead, the real-life counterpart to the elegant charmer holes up in a jihadist training camp for months, flies back "home" and parks a fully loaded SUV in Times Square.

He's not an exception. He's the rule. The Pantybomber is a wealthy Nigerian who lived in a London flat worth 2 million pounds. Kafeel Ahmed, who died driving a flaming SUV into the concourse of Glasgow Airport, was president of the Islamic Society of Queen's University, Belfast. Omar Sheikh, the man who beheaded Daniel Pearl, was a graduate of the London School of Economics. Mohammed Atta was a Hamburg University engineering student. Osama bin Laden went to summer school at Oxford. Educated men. Westernized men. Men who could be pulling down big six-figure salaries anywhere on the planet — were it not that their Islamic identity trumps everything else: elite education, high-paying job, Western passport.

As for the idea that America has become fanatically "Islamophobic" since 9/11, au contraire: Were America even mildly "Islamophobic," it would have curtailed Muslim immigration, or at least subjected immigrants from Pakistan, Yemen and a handful of other hotbeds to an additional level of screening. Instead, Muslim immigration to the West has accelerated in the past nine years, and, as the case of Faisal Shahzad demonstrates, being investigated by terrorism task forces is no obstacle to breezing through your U.S. citizenship application. An "Islamophobic" America might have pondered whether the more extreme elements of self-segregation were compatible with participation in a pluralist society. Instead, President Obama makes fawning speeches boasting that he supports the rights of women to be "covered" — rather than the rights of the lengthening number of European and North American Muslim women beaten, brutalized and murdered for not wanting to be covered.

America is so un-Islamophobic that at ground zero they're building a 13-story mosque — on the site of an old Burlington Coat Factory damaged by airplane debris that Tuesday morning. So in the ruins of a building reduced to rubble in the name of Islam, a temple to Islam will arise. And whenever the marshmallow illusions are momentarily discombobulated, the entire political-media class rushes forward to tell us that the thwarted killer was a "lone wolf," an "isolated extremist." According to Mayor Bloomberg a day or two before Shahzad's arrest, the likeliest culprit was "someone who doesn't like the health care bill" (that would be me, if your SWAT team's at a loose end this weekend). Even after Shahzad's arrest, the Associated Press, CNN and the Washington Post attached huge significance to the problems the young jihadist had had keeping up his mortgage payments.

Just as, after Maj. Hasan, the "experts" effortlessly redefined "post-traumatic stress disorder" to apply to a psychiatrist who'd never been anywhere near a war zone, so now the housing market is the root cause of terrorism: Subprime terrorism is a far greater threat to America than anything to do with certain words beginning with I — and ending in slam.

Incidentally, one way of falling behind with your house payments is to take half a year off to go to Pakistan and train in a terrorist camp. Perhaps Congress could pass some sort of jihadist housing credit?

06 May 2010

Fingers-crossed strategy


After the car bomber and the diaper bomber, it has become increasingly clear that Obama's only national defense strategy is: Let's hope their bombs don't work! If only Dr. Hasan's gun had jammed at Fort Hood, that could have been another huge foreign policy success for Obama.

The administration's fingers-crossed strategy is a follow-up to Obama's earlier and less successful "Let's Make Them Love Us!" plan. In the past year, Obama has repeatedly apologized to Muslims for America's "mistakes."

-He has apologized to Iran for President Eisenhower's taking out loon Mohammad Mossadegh, before Mossadegh turned a comparatively civilized country into a Third World hellhole. You know, like the Ayatollah has.
-He has apologized to the entire Muslim world for the French and English colonizing them -- i.e. building them flush toilets.
-He promised to shut down Guantanamo. And he ordered the mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to be tried in the same courthouse that tried Martha Stewart.
-There was also Obama's 90-degree-bow tour of the East and Middle East. For his next visit, he plans to roll on his back and have his belly scratched like Fido.

Despite favorable reviews in The New York Times, none of this put an end to Islamic terrorism. So now, I gather, our only strategy is to hope the terrorists' bombs keep fizzling. There's no other line of defense. In the case of the Times Square car bomber, the Department of Homeland Security failed, the Immigration and Naturalization Service failed, the CIA failed and the TSA failed. (However, the Department of Alert T-Shirt Vendors came through with flying colors, as it always does.)

Only the New York Police Department, a New York street vendor and Shahzad's Rube Goldberg bomb (I do hope he's not offended by how Jewish that sounds -- Obama can apologize) prevented a major explosion in Times Square.

Even after the NYPD de-wired the smoking car bomb, produced enough information to identify the bomb-maker, and handed it all to federal law enforcement authorities tied up in a bow, the federal government's crack "no-fly" list failed to stop Shahzad from boarding a plane to Dubai. (To be fair, at Emirates Airlines, being on a "no-fly" list makes you eligible for pre-boarding.) Contrary to the wild excuses being made for the federal government on all the TV networks Monday night, it's now clear that this was not a wily plan of federal investigators to allow Shahzad to board the plane in order to nab his co-conspirators. It was a flub that nearly allowed Shahzad to escape.

Meanwhile, on that same Monday at JFK airport, approximately 100,000 passengers took off their shoes, coats, belts and sunglasses for airport security. But the "highly trained federal force" The New York Times promised us on Oct. 28, 2001, when the paper demanded that airport security be federalized, failed to stop the only guy they needed to stop at JFK last Monday -- the one who planted a bomb in the middle of Times Square days earlier.

The federal government didn't stop the diaper bomber from nearly detonating a bomb over Detroit. It didn't stop a guy on the "No Fly" list from boarding a plane and coming minutes away from getting out of the country. If our only defense to terrorism is counting on alert civilians, how about not bothering them before they board airplanes, instead of harassing them with useless airport "security" procedures?

Both of the attempted bombers who sailed through airport security, I note, were young males of Middle Eastern descent. I wonder if we could develop a security plan based on that information? And speaking of a "highly trained federal force," who on earth made the decision to allow Shahzad the unparalleled privilege of becoming a U.S. citizen in April 2009?

04 May 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town

No, actually, Tali Ban is coming to town :D

Michael Bloomberg’s gut reaction to car bomb was to blame it on some angry Tea Party activists upset with ObamaCare. Seriously. The NYC Mayor told the aging Katie Couric that he’d bet the terrorist suspect was “somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill.” On the other hand, the raw footage picked up sound from some random dude on the street with his gut reaction to the failed bombing: “Oh shit, the Taliban, the Taliban is in town.”

Actually, that individual wasn’t too far off. We’ve now learned that authorities arrested Faisal Shahzad, a native of Pakistan, who was getting ready to flee the country via JFK International Airport to head back to the motherland. Sounds exactly like the type of person out in front of the White House protesting Barack’s government takeover of health-care, no ?

Ideological hype kills

Thomas Sowell è proprio ganzo.

While ugly racial or ethnic conflicts can seldom be explained by rational economic or other self-interest, they have been too common to be just inexplicable oddities — whether in America or in other countries around the world, and whether today or in centuries past.

Resentments and hostility toward people with higher achievements are one of the most widespread of human failings. Resentments of achievements are more deadly than envy of wealth.

[...] Achievements are a reflection on others who may have had similar, and sometimes better, chances but who did not make the most of their chances. Achievements are like a slap across the face to those who are not achieving, and many people react with the same kind of anger that such an insult would provoke.

In our own times, especially, this is not just a spontaneous reaction. Many of our educators, our intelligentsia and our media — not to mention our politicians — promote an attitude that other people's achievements are grievances, rather than examples. [...]

When black schoolchildren who are working hard in school and succeeding academically are attacked and beaten up by black classmates for "acting white," why is it surprising that similar hostility is turned against Asian-Americans, who are often achieving academically more so than whites? [...] The same phenomenon is found among lower-class whites in Britain, where academically achieving white students have been beaten up badly enough by their white classmates to require hospital treatment.

These are poisonous and self-destructive consequences of a steady drumbeat of ideological hype about differences that are translated into "disparities" and "inequities," provoking envy and resentments under their more prettied-up name of "social justice."

People who call differences "inequities" and achievements "privilege" leave social havoc in their wake, while feeling noble about siding with the less fortunate. It would never occur to them that they have any responsibility for the harm done to both blacks and Asian-Americans.

Obama vs Israele

Bolton spiega (qui l'audio).

John Bolton, former United States ambassador to the United Nations, told Bar Shem-Ur on IDF Army Radio Tuesday morning that ”[U.S. President Barack] Obama is harming Israeli security and is playing into the hands of [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad” by agreeing to talk with Egypt about a nuclear-free Middle East. “All of us know this suggestion [of Egypt] relates to one country - Israel,” Bolton stated. "The question right now is how much pressure he is prepared to apply to achieve his objective. If I were an Israeli, I would be afraid of the results of these contacts because of the very fact that Obama agrees to talk with Egypt” about its proposal. “It is clear that we are talking about an absurd and very aggravating” action by President Obama, “but this is how it has worked for years since the days of Castro, and the ‘shining” period of [Yasser] Arafat,” Bolton told Army Radio.

He also said he is not surprised that the “head of an enemy state can arrive in the United States, take the podium in the center of New York, castigate the United States and Israel and accuse them of mutual nuclear aid. “This really is not an exceptional step for the U.N. to give the podium to the president of Iran. The best thing I can say about the visit of Ahmadinejad is that his speech was so ridiculous that he actually damages himself more than he does himself any good.”


Obambi propone un altro radicale di sinistra, e tra l'altro un pivellino, per la Corte d'Appello. Ci prepariamo a rimpiazzare Stevens alla Corte Suprema, eh ?

Ma va' ?

You guessed it.

03 May 2010

No Flash on iPad ?

Ecco, ahem, i motivi.

02 May 2010

Già visto

I soloni si stupiscono, ma è tutta roba già vista. Non è questione di "se", ma di "quando - anche sorvolando sul fatto che di attacchi islamisti interni ce ne sono stati già diversi, epitome Fort Hood, e in aumento dopo l'inizio della presidenza di the One. Che imperterrito continua nella politica di appeasement, ignora le infiltrazioni dimostrate nell'apparato governativo e di sicurezza, e perfino si dedica alla political-correction del linguaggio dei documenti ufficiali. Nel report su 9/11 parole come Islam, jihad, terrorismo, etc. compaiono, comprensibilmente, oltre 600 volte; in quello su Fort Hood compaiono esattamente zero volte.

Oh mann oh mann !

Non vorrei essere il pet scientist del Mann-made global warming. Tra un whitewash e l'altro, potrebbe finire male.

Civilizational exhaustion

Il "feto" di Firenze, un mese fa. Ecco cosa ne è stato.

Paolo ha ventidue settimane, tra poco diventerà Tommaso, ha molti problemi ma non ha quello per cui non sarebbe dovuto nascere: nel suo stomaco non c’era nessuna “atresia esofagea”; il suo stomaco sta bene e anche se non lo fosse stato, Tommaso avrebbe potuto vivere senza alcuna malformazione, proprio come era già successo il venti gennaio del 1995; l’ospedale era il Meyer, nel reparto di ginecologia nacque un bambino che pesava quattrocentoquaranta grammi, lungo venti centimetri e con una seria “atresia esofagea”. La stessa malformazione che Tommaso avrebbe potuto avere e che invece non aveva. Al bimbo venne fatto un intervento piuttosto semplice, rimase sei mesi in ospedale, uscì sano e con l’esofago a posto. Il ragazzo ora vive a Firenze e ha dodici anni.

Travagliata vicenda

Il ritratto di Travet-glio sul Foglio della settimana scorsa (autrice Marianna Rizzini), la replica simil-faceta di Traveggolo, e la contro-replica, piuttosto devastante, della Rizzini.

[In particolare, non male per il presunto accurato denunciatore di fatti la chicca seguente:

Travaglio: "3) Gomez non può avere “risposto su Facebook al posto” mio (non sono su Facebook);".

Rizzini: "Eppure esiste una pagina su Facebook intitolata “Marco Travaglio” (sottotitolo “sono Marco Travaglio e questa è l'unica mia pagina ufficiale su Facebook, editata e curata dai miei collaboratori") in cui, nei giorni della nube islandese, un Peter Gomez (in forma integrale o editato dai collaboratori non è dato saperlo) scriveva appunto che lei era stato bloccato dalla nube e che per questo si faceva vivo lui (al che il cronista ha dedotto “al posto suo”) .]

01 May 2010

Chi sono i veri nazi

Sono i liberals tipo il NYT, imbroglioni e mestatori. E non certo lo stato dell'Arizona. Il perchè è spiegato qui.

Perchè mi scaldo ? Leggete Steyn qui per avere un'idea dell'atmosfera nelle roccaforti tipo San Francisco, e nel mondo inutilmente pericoloso che queste elite hanno creato, salvo poi "get into a chauffeured limo and be whisked far away from it".

To the coastal commentariat, “undocumented immigrants” are the people who mow your lawn while you’re at work and clean your office while you’re at home. (That, for the benefit of Linda Greenhouse, is the real apartheid: the acceptance of a permanent “undocumented” servant class by far too many “documented” Americans who assuage their guilt by pathetic sentimentalization of immigration.) But in border states, illegal immigration is life and death. I spoke this week to a lady who has a camp of illegals on the edge of her land: She lies awake at night, fearful for her children and alert to strange noises in the yard. President Obama, shooting from his lip, attacked the new law as an offense against “fairness.” Where’s the fairness for this woman’s family? Because her home is in Arizona rather than Hyde Park, Chicago, she’s just supposed to get used to living under siege? [She] has to live there, while the political class that created this situation climbs back into the limo and gets driven far away.

Almost every claim made for the benefits of mass immigration is false. Europeans were told that they needed immigrants to help prop up their otherwise unaffordable social entitlements: In reality, Turks in Germany have three times the rate of welfare dependency as ethnic Germans, and their average retirement age is 50. Two-thirds of French imams are on the dole.

But wait: What about the broader economic benefits? The World Bank calculated that if rich countries increased their workforce by a mere 3 percent through admitting an extra 14 million people from developing countries, it would benefit the populations of those rich countries by $139 billion. Wow! As Christopher Caldwell points out in his book Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, “The aggregate gross domestic product of the advanced economies for the year 2008 is estimated by the International Monetary Fund at close to $40 trillion.” So an extra $139 billion works out to a spectacular 0.35 percent. Caldwell compares the World Bank argument to Austin Powers’s nemesis, Dr. Evil, holding the world hostage for one million dollars! “Sacrificing 0.0035 of your economy would be a pittance to pay for starting to get your country back.” A dependence on mass immigration is not a gold-mine or an opportunity to flaunt your multicultural bona fides, but a structural weakness, and should be addressed as such.

E infine una "pazza" idea di Jonah Goldberg (sempre quello del libro che spiega il vero fascismo, quello liberal - leggetelo !): Let’s throw it all back to the states. Arizona can be an illegal-immigrant-free zone and New York can hold an open house for everyone. The same goes for health care. States that want universal health care can provide it, including to illegal immigrants (or should I just say “immigrants”?). Other states can let the market rule. [...] Unfortunately, for progressives who must always have their way, that’s crazier than a “Biden 2016” bumper sticker.

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L'Iran eletto dall'ONU alla commissione per i diritti delle donne. Tra una lapidazione di adultere e l'altra, naturalmente.