30 June 2010

Yes he is

Whittle, Afterbuner su PJTV :

Is Barack Obama
a) a Muslim-simpathizing neo-Marxist true believer who sees America and capitalism as the principal barriers to fairness and world peace; or
b) is he merely an empty suit, an unwitting pawn of much larger hidden forces; or
c) simply a self-obsessed incompetent narcissist who happened to be at the right place at the right time ?

You know, I have given this a lot of careful thought, and I think the real answer is : yes.

28 June 2010

Liberals you can agree with

Wieseltier sulla strategia iraniana.

26 June 2010

Walls come tumbling down

Da Duesberg.com:

This JAMA article by Clifford Lane et al. reports in 2006, that “after 25 years” of research, “Explaining, predicting, and treating HIV-associated CD4 cell loss (alias AIDS) is still a puzzle.” Lane is Anthony Fauci’s vice-leader of the nation’s AIDS research at NIAID. The article does not explain either, why, under those disappointing conditions, new scientific hypotheses are not considered. The scientific method calls for new hypotheses, if the current one fails to “explain” and produce.

The Lane article is a commentary of the article by Rodriguez et al. in the same issue of JAMA, which first demonstrated that there is no correlation between “virus (HIV)-load” and onset of AIDS. Such a non-correlation directly supports the view that HIV is a passenger virus.

Val la pena di leggere almeno le parti evidenziate. So much per il dogma HIV-AIDS sui giornali e in TV.

24 June 2010

Three terrors e dintorni

OK, è una parodia: questa invece no.

23 June 2010

Di fatto/2

Il seguito dell'articolo di Horowitz e Laksin.

Ban on truth-3

Salazar gets his you-know-what-kicked.

22 June 2010

Di fatto

Horowitz su Obama e la guerra contro Israele.

20 June 2010


"Albertosi, Burgnich, Facchetti; Bertini, Rosato, Cera; Domenghini, Mazzola, Boninsegna; De Sisti, Riva." (Da immaginare con la voce di Nando Martellini.)

Giullemani dalla Nutella

Sbafatio Nutellae omnia divisa est in partes tres.

Unum: Sbafatio Normalis (in prima colatione cum supervisione mammarum).

Duum: Sbafatio Peccaminosa atque Clandestina (in absentiam mammarum quae uscitae sunt ad spesam faciendam).

Trium: Sbafatio Hitchcock (quando mamma praesens in alterum locum in casa, et habet suos cazzos faciendos, sed ab uno momento ad alterum retornare potest in cucina)”.

18 June 2010

H&c meet fix-the-leak /2


"Part of the reason oil companies are drilling a mile beneath the surface of the ocean," said Obama, is "because we're running out of places to drill on land and in shallow water."

Running out of places on land? What about the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge or the less-known National Petroleum Reserve — 23 million acres of Alaska's North Slope, near the existing pipeline and designated nearly a century ago for petroleum development — that have been shut down by the federal government?

Running out of shallow water sources? How about the Pacific Ocean, a not inconsiderable body of water, and its vast U.S. coastline? That's been off-limits to new drilling for three decades.

We haven't run out of safer and more easily accessible sources of oil. We've been run off them by environmentalists. They prefer to dream green instead.

Obama is dreamer in chief: He wants to take us to this green future "even if we're unsure exactly what that looks like. Even if we don't yet precisely know how we're going to get there." Here's the offer: Tax carbon, spend trillions and put government in control of the energy economy — and he will take you he knows not where, by way of a road he knows not which.

That's why Tuesday's speech was received with such consternation. It was so untethered from reality. The Gulf is gushing, and the president is talking mystery roads to unknown destinations.

That passes for vision, and vision is Obama's thing. It sure beats cleaning up beaches.

16 June 2010

Hope&change meet fix-the-leak

Come previsto una minchiatona.


instead of the vague dreaming, we needed (1) a review of concrete fix-it methods for the leak, and then (2) short-term mechanisms that will lessen dependence on oil. Instead, we got nothing detailed how to solve the problem, more green dreaming, more now-is-the-moment campaign mode, more "some say, others say," and more "they will pay."


If we could defeat Hitler, we can hike your utility bills! If we could put a man on the moon, we can put an American manufacturing job in India! Yes, we can!

Jay Leno had a line last night that captures a lot of people's attitudes toward this address: "President Obama announced tonight that he wants to use the oil spill to move America toward green energy. I have a crazy idea. Maybe he should use the oil spill crisis to fix the oil spill."


Either the government knows how to stop the oil spill or it doesn’t. If they know how to stop it, then why have they let thousands of barrels of oil per day keep gushing out, for weeks on end? All they have to do is tell BP to step aside, while the government comes in to do it right.

If they don’t know, then what is all this political grandstanding about keeping their boot on the neck of BP, the attorney general of the United States going down to the Gulf to threaten lawsuits — on what charges was unspecified — and President Obama showing up in his shirt sleeves? Just what is Obama going to do in his shirt sleeves, except impress the gullible? He might as well have shown up in a tuxedo with white tie, for all the difference it makes.

This government is not about governing. It is about creating an impression. That worked on the campaign trail in 2008, but it is a disaster in the White House, where rhetoric is no substitute for reality.

Podhoretz sul perchè lo spill non è il 9/11.

Obama told Politico over the weekend that the oil spill has "echoes of 9/11." Americans thought differently about "our vulnerabilities" after the events of 9/11, Obama said, and the oil spill is "going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come."
This is, not to put too fine a point on it, one of the most bizarre things ever said by any president. It is worth considering the meaning of this profoundly wrongheaded analogy tonight when the president delivers his first Oval Office address -- his latest attempt to minimize the political damage the oil spill is wreaking on his reputation. The first thing that needs to be said is this: The only thing the oil spill and 9/11 have in common is nothing.
One was purposeful destruction intended to harm. The other is a purposeless catastrophe that was in no way intentional at all but will do great harm. One was an attack on the United States. The other was an accident. So what on earth could the president have been thinking?
By comparing an unwanted disaster to a conscious act of war, Obama is adding an improper moral dimension to the effort to clean up the Gulf -- a moral reckoning that will make it harder rather than easier to focus on the task of actually plugging the damn hole. [...] By likening the murder of 3,000 people and the efforts to take out the US government to a series of mistakes that added up to a catastrophe, Obama has defined evil down in a fashion that does immense violence to good sense, good taste and good leadership.

15 June 2010

Ban on truth-2

Drill, baby, drill: 77-12.

More "moratorium"

Cap and plug. Non vedo l'ora di sentire cosa dirà (8 PM, eastern time: io dormiro` pacifico) il postpartisan su come infilerà il cap-and-trade in quel posto a tutti con la scusa della BP.

14 June 2010

Bignami "bavaglio"

Così a occhio, mi sembrerebbe che la storia presunto bavaglio sia la solita panzana. Tre letture.

1- Sirchia redux.

2- Mai e poi mai. Così dicono dall'estero.

3- Il lato (anti-)estetico dell'intercettazione.

11 June 2010

Iran isolato ? - Pork for Hamas

Isolato, come no ?

Obambi bends over backwards per riverire Abu Mazen. Cfr please con la visita di Netanyahu.

Ban on truth

Experts brought together by the Obama administration to review offshore drilling safety were asked to review recommendations in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster. They did not give their blessing to the six-month drilling moratorium announced by Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and have accused him of deliberately appending their report to make it seem like they did.

One panelist, Bob Bea of the University of California, Berkeley, said in an e-mail: "Moratorium was not a part of the ... report we consulted-advised-reviewed." The academy's Ken Arnold was less subtle, saying: "The secretary should be free to recommend whatever he thinks is correct, but he should not be free to use our names to justify his political decisions."

"U.S. investor-owned oil companies hold only 6% of the world's petroleum reserves, while state-owned national oil companies in Venezuela, Iran, China, Nigeria, India, Russia and Saudi Arabia and other countries control 80% of the reserves," Texas Gov. Perry says. "Coincidentally, even some of these countries are drilling for oil in Cuban waters just 50 miles from Florida."

We need the oil, the energy and the jobs. We also need the truth. Apparently Secretary Salazar and this administration can't handle the truth, so they make it up as they go along.

10 June 2010

Spill and span

Affascinante. E conferma che se si fosse in 30 metri d'acqua invece che in 1000 le cose sarebbero molto diverse.

"I wanna, like,"

"A lot of people need to get killed, bro, swear to God," 20-year-old Mohamed Hamoud Alessa said to an undercover NYPD cop who befriended them. "My soul cannot rest until I shed blood. I wanna, like, be the world's known terrorist.”

Homegrown, tipo, terrorists qui.

09 June 2010

Una grande caCairo l'anno dopo

La storica minchiata del Cairo (prima di una lunga serie). Nessuno ne parla più...si fa per dire. C'è chi non ha mai smesso di parlarne - e giustamente male.

Culi da calciare-2

Butt stops here. O meglio, no. Un articolo da cui imparare diversi idioms ("foot in mouth", "buck stops here", buck->butt, etc.) sul povero disarmato Obambi-e-la-marea-nera.

Scapegoating has become a hallmark of this administration. Certainly BP was responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of Deepwater Horizon. But after an accident in federal waters the federal government, which has a plan to save the entire planet from greenhouse gases, had no plan to save the Gulf from a single gushing well, with the possible exception of finger-pointing. In this administration, "BP" stands for "buck-passing."

08 June 2010

Culi da calciare

Obama si chiede chi prendere a calci in culo per lo spill.

Se medesimo, per esempio.

"I don't sit around just talking to experts because this is a college seminar. We talk to these folks because they potentially have the best answer so I know whose ass to kick." Che idiota patentato: mica per sapere cosa fare, solo per fare il populista anche su questo. Fact is che se non ci fossero proibizioni di drilling, si potrebbe scavare vicino alla costa in 10 metri d'acqua (dove le risorse USA, peraltro, sono massime) e non carotare a 200 metri di profondità. Se si potesse scavare in Alaska, dove non c'è quasi nessuno, invece che in un posto densamente popolato come il Golfo del Messico si correrebbero molti meno rischi. Bah.

Update: As oil continues to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, what the region needs most is the nation’s best experts to plug the well and clean up the mess. It doesn’t need Justice Department prosecutors threatening criminal charges. Yet that’s exactly what it’s getting.


A proposito di culi da calciare, il nuovo decreto economico blocca tutte le missioni degli enti di ricerca e università dal 2011, e dove si possano fare eccezioni, non ci sarà più la diaria. Il CNR, più realista del re, ha sospeso tutti i pagamenti da subito. :S

Dice: così risparmiamo. Beh, se pagassi tu, risparmieresti. Ma i soldi vengono da progetti esterni, sono dati per quello; alla fine dovremo renderli se non li usiamo. Oppure vuoi fare cassa sugli interessi ? (Nemmeno: se non spendi, non ti danno le rate successive.) Circa come se una banca dicesse che non puoi prelevare i soldi perchè lei deve risparmiare. A-ri-bah.

07 June 2010


Forse che la Reuters ha taroccato una o più foto della serata su love boat ? You bet che sì. Apropos, ecco una parziale lista degli invitati alla festa.

Luminoso esempio di pulizia e imparzialità dei media, che fa il paro con questo: secondo un tale canadese, Gaza ha uno dei tassi di mortalità infantile più alti al mondo - implicando, ovviamente, che è colpa del blocco. In realtà a Gaza la mortalità infantile è 17.71 per mille, dalle parti del Messico e meno che in Brasile e Romania. In Egitto, è 26.2, nella civile Turchia 24.8, e nel progressivo Iran, 34.7. Tanto per dirlo chiaro, non c'è nessuna emergenza umanitaria a Gaza. Se dipendessero da quel che mandano le nostre anime belle, sarebbero tutti con Allah da un pezzo. È il crudele Sionista che gli passa tutto il necessario a tonnellate al giorno.

E sempre a proposito di media, si pensiona Helen "Get the hell out of Palestine" Thomas. About time. Anche se molti altri non hanno la scusa di avere novant'anni come lei.

Guarda caso

E lo dice il Corrierino dei Maomettani. Capisco che il Papa deve essere cauto, e non sbilanciarsi, eccetera - ma un po' meno di paraculismo sarebbe utile: la Turchia non tornerà indietro per delle parole gentili...

Ah-ha moment

Astuto, il nostro ministro. Forse gli farebbe bene anche leggere questa analisi di Barry Rubin: che conferma, si parva licet, quel che diceva yours truly a proposito della Turchia. E già che ci siamo, farebbe bene a Obama, la cui politica estera dissennata e maldiretta è la responsabile diretta della mancata deterrenza delle manovre interne islamiste della Turchia. Cosa farà questa volta ? Poco o niente come le altre, temo.

Forgotten Rachels

A proposito della "Rachel Corrie" va letto questo. (Oltre ad alcuni altri pensieri elementari di geopolitica medio-orientale.)

04 June 2010


A destra temperature globali misurate, a sinistra predizioni IPCC del 2000 (da qui, vedi anche qui). Wow. Ottime ragioni to keep bangin' on and on about AGW e i suoi profeti.

"...we are waving our own knives..."

E se comprensibilmente aveste poca voglia di ridere, considerate che il mondo è malato e va faticosamente mantenuto in vita contro l'entropia e la violenza: apportioning the blame in the right place è il primo passo verso la verità e la decenza.

03 June 2010

Per non farla lunga

e non avendo tempo, raccolgo solo dei link che parlano da soli. Temo di essere d'accordo con il commento, sensatissimo, di Ottolenghi. C'e' una saldatura Iran-Turchia, dopo il deal dell'uranio. Il tutto grazie al geniale Obambi, che continua a fare quel che faceva Bush (con cui ero d'accordo, peraltro) ma dando volutamente l'impressione di calarsi le braghe (facendolo proprio, in molti casi), cosa che dal punto di vista medio-orientale è la cosa peggiore che puoi fare.

Un report da DefendDemocracy.

Un po` di background.

Live fire below !

Surprise, didn't see that one coming...


Paintball rubber bullets ? You must be kidding me !

Un pacifista tra i tanti.

Magari stavolta useranno il sistema nord-coreano: siluro, e sediamoci a guardare lo spettacolo.

Punto di vista americano: would it that fosse questo quello di Obambi.

Infatti, quello di Obambi ha portato a questo: joining the jackals.

Descent into madness. The reaction of the democratic world to the Gaza flotilla debacle suggests that the barbarians are making impressive headway. The outpouring of condemnation from Europe—so outsized, so hypocritical, so ready to ignore the plain truths evident in the videos of the incident, so ready to pounce on embattled Israel—truly does reveal a world gone mad—the headline of a Jennifer Rubin post over at Contentions. One hopes that we are not yet in 1939. But we are unquestionably somewhere in the 1930s, a decade in which few and lonely voices were willing even to recognize the looming catastrophe.

Rocca, da par suo. (Anche se resta il mio problema con lui, cioè che trascura certi obamismi imbarazzanti come quelli di cui al link sopra.)