26 June 2010

Walls come tumbling down

Da Duesberg.com:

This JAMA article by Clifford Lane et al. reports in 2006, that “after 25 years” of research, “Explaining, predicting, and treating HIV-associated CD4 cell loss (alias AIDS) is still a puzzle.” Lane is Anthony Fauci’s vice-leader of the nation’s AIDS research at NIAID. The article does not explain either, why, under those disappointing conditions, new scientific hypotheses are not considered. The scientific method calls for new hypotheses, if the current one fails to “explain” and produce.

The Lane article is a commentary of the article by Rodriguez et al. in the same issue of JAMA, which first demonstrated that there is no correlation between “virus (HIV)-load” and onset of AIDS. Such a non-correlation directly supports the view that HIV is a passenger virus.

Val la pena di leggere almeno le parti evidenziate. So much per il dogma HIV-AIDS sui giornali e in TV.

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