29 March 2011


A questo post.

Well, ehm, no. Attributing bushian policies to Obama is an insult to the intelligence of Bush and of the readers.

Agree or not with it (I did, and do even more in retrospect), Bush had a carefully thought-out grand strategy (see here and here and here). It was nearly ten years ago, remember. None of the fearmonger-spread alleged consequences of his actions ever materialized. The ME is a way better place (relatively speaking, of course) because of his policies.

Obama has no plan, and he makes it up amateurishly as he goes along. In addition, should he even get it right just by chance, he sends the wrong message to the nutcase tyrants of the world, namely that if you calm down and surrender wmd and the like we will bash you, if you are a brutal murderer and dictator seeking nuclear waepons and planning to wipe out Israel (Hassad and Ahmadinejad) we will call you a reformer and send wishes for new year's eve.

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