28 March 2011

Cretinismo di sinistra

Capolavoro di sintesi delle idiozie e ipocrisie del fawner obamiano medio.

Qualche excerpt:

Lui: "Do you know that Bush got a congressional approval for Iraq and made the case for two and a half full years after 9/11 ?"

Lei:"I don't care. Obama is awesome. Besides the UN is in charge this time and the US is not alone."

Lui:"Did you know there were seventeen UN resolutions on Iraq ? Did you know that the Iraq coalition was twice as big as this Lybia gang ? Do you realize you are making Charlie Sheen seem rational ?"


Lui: "Indeed. So Bush went to war in Iraq for oil."

Lei:"Yes, Bush attacked Iraq over oil. He is a stupid prat boy."

Lui:"Did you know Lybia has a ton of oil which almost exclusively goes to Europe, and that they desperately want to keep the oil flowing ? Do you realize that this actually is a war for oil, only the oil is for the italians, french, germans, spanish and other europeans ?"

Lei:"Now you're just talking nonsense. Those europeans have windmills. They don't need oil."

Lui:"I see. Does it concern you that this war is unpaid for ? That instead of the leader of the free world you got a patsy for the arab league and the UN ? Are you concerned that you president is spending more time golfing, vacationing, and watching college basketball than conferring with his generals ?"

Lei:"I don't care. Obama is cool and awesome. His bracket picks were outstanding too."


Lui: "So Obama is killing civilians in a preemptive, unfunded, undeclared war for oil promoted by the dictators of the Arab League along with the UN, in support of some unidentified rebels whom he's never met with, and you're OK with that ? Remind me again what is it about Obama that makes him so awesome."

Lei:"He is a man of peace. He even got the Nobel peace prize, just like Morgan Freeman."

Lui:"Oh God."

[Morgan Freeman sarebbe Mandela, avendolo impersonato in "Invictus"]

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