24 March 2011

Magari fosse

Non sono convinto che sia vero, ma divertente, è divertente ;)

Anyone who knows France knew that as soon as the militant Islamists in France provoked the French by seriously disturbing their enjoyment of their magnificently sumptuous country, the best wined and dined nationality in human history, sharing one of the world’s most distinguished cultures in every field with only 20 or 30 million others apart from the 60 million French themselves, the French public, almost in unison, would throw down the pious mask of fraternal egalitarianism and lower the truncheons of their well-practiced police on the ethnically covered heads of the real infidels. Beau geste is fine as a divertissement, but the French will not be deterred from savoring their birthright. The Islamists may torch 200 of their own automobiles a night in no-go areas of North Paris, but once they question the serenity of la Belle Marianne in all her pleasures and refinements, it is time to call for the riot police, the severity of French courts (so well described by Camus in The Stranger), and the tenebrous thickets of the French penal bureaucracy.

Robert Gates and Hillary Clinton were left waffling on about logistical inconveniences and Washington’s burdens, while France prepared, in Mr. Churchill’s phrase (applied to the heroic Finns in their response to Russian invasion in 1940), to “show what free men can do.” In a word, they made it clear that they were not prepared to appease Arab terror-states and mollycoddle unassimilable Trojan Horses of immigration any longer. It was France’s finest hour since it vitally assisted newly liberated Poland to repulse Trotsky’s Red Army on the Vistula in 1920.

As if in a Shakespearean drama, Mme. Le Pen propelled Sarkozy, who pulled in the British, Canadians, Spanish, and others, and Mr. Obama ceased to pick the petals off his organic flower and joined in the no-fly zone approved by the United Nations and the Arab League (which, with its usual preference for verbal over military solidarity, contributed a grand total of four Qatari aircraft to the cause). France redefined a no-fly zone as meaning, not what the Arabs and much of the U.N. thought it meant, but the pulverization of Libyan forces, the massive supply of the arms-starved rebels, and the expulsion of Qaddafi. The president of the United States continued his trip around Latin America, musing about it all and reconciling the U.N. notions of a no-fly zone with his “personal” desire to send Qaddafi packing. It isn’t the American leadership the world became accustomed to from Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, and the Bushes, but it enabled France to rise above café rodomontades and lead us away from perdition.

all indications are that Sarkozy will surge to the fore, take the cockade of anti-Islamism from the unworthy brow of the Le Pens, and lead us all to the easiest victory since Reagan’s occupation of Grenada. It was pretend-diplomacy, pretend-moderation, and it is pretend-war, but at least the posturing and strutting and poll-taking will lead us away from what impended, under the delusional inertia of America’s hibernation: the utter humiliation of Western civilization by a psychotic, mountebank nomad. Vive la France.

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