06 April 2011

Crock of peace, man of s**t

If you thought the peace prize was a joke after it was given on spec to a new U.S. president in 2009, consider how ElBaradei, former chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is living up to his 2005 prize. That was the one awarded because of his unceasing attacks on the Bush administration after the U.S. ousted would-be nuclear terrorist Saddam Hussein.

"If Israel attacked Gaza, we would declare war against the Zionist regime," ElBaradei told an Arabic newspaper Monday. Could this saber-rattler be the sophisticated fixture on the Vienna social scene who for so many years was so beloved of Europe's diplomatic class? Could it be the next president of Egypt, this time elected in a truly democratic (or so we are assured) election?

Of the historic Camp David Accords, ElBaradei told Der Spiegel that the Israelis "have a peace treaty with Mubarak, but not one with the Egyptian people."

Last summer, the man whose longtime job it was to contain nuclear weapon proliferation quipped that "the danger of a nuclear-armed Iran is overestimated." This about a government that arms insurgents in Iraq who blow up U.S. soldiers, finances terror outfits like Hamas and Hezbollah, denies the Nazi genocide of the Jews and vows to wipe Israel off the map.

The same ElBaradei admits he's been "reaching out" to the Muslim Brotherhood because "we need to include them" in a new Egyptian government. The brotherhood is a powerful international pan-Islamist organization dedicated to "civilizational jihad" — i.e., holy war — and the forced imposition of Islamic Shariah law.

Mohamed ElBaradei spent his U.N. years as nuclear chief pretending to be devoted to preventing nuclear war, while covering for Iran's disguised effort to build a nuclear weapon. As the man would bring an end to three decades of hard-fought Israeli-Egyptian peace, his true colors are now on full display.

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