06 April 2011


We are witnessing in the Western world, as in the Arab and Muslim world, a growing environment to dehumanizing Jews in general and Israelis in particular, based on a gradual shift towards bias and lies, from the early "Zionism=Racism" Resolution at the United Nations, to its current attempts to label Israel an "Apartheid State," even though Israel includes Arab political parties in its government, Arab members of Knesset in its Parliament, Arab justices on its Supreme Court, Arab doctors and patients in its hospitals, Arab professors and students in its universities, Arabs in its military and Arabs in its diplomatic corps. The real Apartheid States, such as Saudi Arabia -- where women are unable to drive to school to pick up a sick child without a male "guardian," where a Bible is not allowed in, where a woman who has been raped can be stoned to death for "adultery" unless she can provide four male witness to testify to the contrary, where her legal standing and inheritance are worth half of a man's, where an entire city, Mecca, is forbidden to anyone non-Muslim – are never even mentioned.

When murders are committed in Israel, the term most often used is "cycle of violence," which denies the concept of a murderer and a victim. If an attack takes place in Judea or Samaria, the murdered are described as "settlers," meaning people who are where they should not be and therefore deserve all the atrocities that may fall upon them. Judea was named after the Jews; they have every right to be there.

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