11 June 2011

The time is NOW(itzki)

Dallas 3-2 e a una vittoria dal titolo: 112-103 un parziale di 15-3 negli ultimi 3 minuti. Grande prova del solito Nowitzki (29 punti, 6 rimbalzi, 3 assist) e non solo (Terry 21, Barea 17, Kidd e Chandler 13).

It's still stunning, to see the disparity between Nowitzki's end-game production and what James isn't doing in the final five minutes of games.

In what NBA statisticians recognize as "clutch time," which equates to the final five minutes of regulation or overtime with the score within five points either way, Nowitzki has 26 points on 8-for-13 shooting from the field and 9-for-9 accuracy at the line.

LeBron? After leading the league in this category through the first three rounds of the playoffs and finally chipping away at the skepticism about his ability to close, James has zero points on 0-for-7 shooting and is still waiting for his first "clutch time" trip to the line. Udonis Haslem has scored more fourth-quarter points (17) in the Finals than James (11), with Nowitzki out of sight at 52 and counting.

I'm inclined to cut him more slack than most for the load he's carrying minutes-wise and the way Dallas' peerless ball movement has him moving East-to-West as the Mavs hoped - until it hits you that Nowitzki doesn't have a Wade or Bosh to share the burden with at closing time. There isn't a superstar in the league who carries a larger load offensively than Dirk, whose second-best teammate is -- well, after 110 games this season we're still not sure.

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