05 January 2012


Their threat last week to close the Strait of Hormuz provoked worldwide censure, and an intelligently judicious warning from the Pentagon. If the Iranians attempted any such action, there would be general support for an American military response. The U.S. Fifth Fleet could clear any and all Iranian obstructions out of the Strait of Hormuz in one day, and sink any Iranian sea-borne unfriendly device, down to boobytrapped pieces of firewood with offensive decals on them, in one more day. Such an outrageous initiative by Iran would so galvanize international opinion, and so vividly highlight the madly belligerent nature of the regime, that there would be no serious opposition to taking out Iran’s nuclear program while the U.S. military was at it. Any such action would be justified and admirable and beneficent in itself. It would also probably reelect this administration. Presumably, the president is aware of that.

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